glamping in covered wagon

Picture Yourself Glamping in a Covered Wagon

Conestoga Ranch in Utah Offers a Unique Glamping Vacation Experience

Picture yourself out west, under a quiet night sky filled with countless vivid stars that are unobscured by bright city lights.  The air is fresh, your campfire is roaring and you are laughing and sharing stories as the fixings for s’mores are hand delivered to your campsite, all the while behind you sits your unique accommodations for the night – a 19th century styled covered wagon equipped with electricity, a bed, fresh linens, towels and bath products.

Glamping at Conestoga Ranch
Pretty amazing looking pancakes

We are not talking about camping here, Conestoga Ranch on Bear Lake in Utah offers full on Glamping in luxurious tents and covered wagons with access to hot showers and spa style restrooms.  And if that is not enough, they also provide firewood, s’mores, and a campfire valet service that will even start and extinguish your fire for you.

Didn’t pack your campfire stove?  No worries!  Just sit back and enjoy their open-air restaurant with views of Bear Lake and the surrounding mountains while enjoying gourmet cuisine made with fresh and local ingredients. The Campfire Grill Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and their menu includes wood-fired pizzas, salads and some pretty amazing looking pancakes.  The menu even includes craft beer and wine, so all of this added to the fact they also offer yoga classes and massages, with hiking, horseback riding, lake activities, caves and fossils all nearby, I struggle to see anything lacking from this remarkable glamping experience.

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