Magic City Chicken Wars; Your Food Bucket List

Let the Force Be Deep Fried

A long time ago, in a city not so far away,  a pair of Serbian immigrants created a legendary fried chicken recipe that sparked a war in a small Ohio town that rages on to this very day.  With weapons the likes of tangy vinegar-based coleslaw and spicy tomato and rice-based hot sauce, four well established chicken houses call the “Magic City” of Barberton their home.

Hopocan Gardens Chicken
Enough Clucking Around.. It’s Time to Eat!

Belgrade Gardens, White House Chicken, Hopocan Gardens and Milich’s Village Inn all serve up the same style of fried chicken, bread, french fries, hot sauce and cole slaw with slightly different spins, although locals are extremely loyal to their favorite chicken house and insist the differences between the four are vast.  I am one of those locals.  Growing up near Barberton, my friends and family have discussed and lightly argued many times over which chicken house dishes out the best chicken and sides.  I am a Hopocan Gardens girl through and through, although to be fair I had never eaten at Milich’s Village Inn and only at Belgrade Gardens once.

It was time to put the issue to rest with a spontaneous experiment requiring myself and good friend Ryan to eat four chicken dinners in one day and vote on the best in four categories: Best Chicken, Best Cole Slaw, Best Hot Sauce and Best French Fries and Best Bread.  Would this experiment change my mind and blow my pre-conceived chicken beliefs out of the water?

Watch the video to find out!


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