“Twinkle Twinkle Little Starfish
Do you know what Surprise Travel is?
Of course you don’t you live in the sea
How about coming out of there for a trip with me!?

Do you like that poem? I love writing poems! My name is Dart, and I’m Don’t Forget The List’s hipster mascot. I enjoy poetry, coffee shops, carrot cake and of course, Surprise Travel!

Before I started working for Don’t Forget The List, I lived with my mom and dad and 18 brothers and sisters in a cozy rabbit hole down in Georgia. I decided it was time to see the world when I turned 2 but couldn’t afford a plane ticket to go anywhere. I really wanted to see Texas so I hopped to the airport and hid in a nice lady’s luggage. Her ticket said she was going to San Antonio! That’s in Texas, right?

She found me and we became friends and she said she was taking me to a travel conference with her. She carried me around in her bag (it was a little stuffy in there) until we ended up at Don’t Forget The List’s table and I learned all about Surprise Travel and how awesome it sounded and I really wanted to stay and work with them!! The nice lady left me on their table and said I could go home with them!!! How exciting!!!!

Holly and Lisa gave me cool sunglasses and even gave me a job – as their mascot! Now I live in Ohio with my two new BFF’s and we travel and sing and dance and have fun together all the time!! They even let me write blog posts and poems for them, I’m so happy and excited and just LOVE LIFE ?

I promise you won’t go wrong if you book a trip through Holly and Lisa – and if you are lucky I may even write a poem JUST for YOU!!!