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DFTL with Miracle Resources: Show, Podcast and Slides

Don't Forget The List is excited to announce our new alliance with Miracle Resources!  Watch the show or listen to the podcast and follow along with the slides to learn about all the adventures we can plan for your business or organization! Watch us here!: OR Listen here: [audio mp3=""][/audio]   and follow along with our slides: [gallery columns="9" ids="4847,4848,4849,4850,4851,4852,4853,4854,4855,4856,4857,4858,4859,4860,4861,4862,4863"]

Magic City Chicken Wars; Your Food Bucket List

Let the Force Be Deep Fried A long time ago, in a city not so far away,  a pair of Serbian immigrants created a legendary fried chicken recipe that sparked a war in a small Ohio town that rages on to this very day.  With weapons the likes of tangy vinegar-based coleslaw and spicy tomato and rice-based hot sauce, four well established chicken houses call the "Magic City" of Barberton their…

Remember the Alamo & Don’t Forget The List: TREX 2017

Twas the night before TREX and all through the house, Don’t Forget The List staff was packing, setting appointments and scrambling to order pamphlets and secure group travel insurance.  As owners of a brand-new travel and tour company, joining the National Tour Association and attending their annual Travel Exchange Conference (TREX) was a no-brainer. We knew we had a unique spin on the travel industry, but would the concept sink…